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Re: the TV part of HDTV

Mike Most wrote:

>         Given #1A) None of that will happen unless license fees are
> increased significantly and/or production companies are willing to talk
> about assembling negatives and performing one, and only one, high def
> transfer.

I  don't think that is right,  it is already  happening! There are already
multiple facilities (on studio premises and off) in town that do just that
with theatrical releases. One final film product transfered to one final
HDTV product down-converted to many SDTV products. This occurs with little
cost issue to the studio as a customer. The transition to TV episodic and
MOW's  will cause few problems for those that want to, or must, satisfy
their clients.

> CBS can issue whatever delivery requirements it wants, but
> unless it is willing to meet the price tag, studios won't deliver
> elements that meet those requirements.

CBS, or anyone else for that matter, will not meet the price tag alone.
Everyone involved with DTV and HDTV will share the burden. Production
Companies, Studios, Networks and Post facilities will all feel the pain. The
bottom line for facilities is:  if you want to compete, you must have to
tools to compete with. Like it or not we will all being scrambling to aquire
the equipment and meet the demand, else the business will go elsewhere.

Ron Martin
Universal HDTC Telecine Center
ron at dvcc.com

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