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Cintel, Inc President Announced

To All:

Just got back from STE tonight in Burbank.  Luke Freeman of Sony gave
his presentation on the FVS-1000 Multi-standard Sony Telecine.  I am
sure other TIG members will comment in the coming days on what was said.

The biggest news of the night was that Cintel, Inc. has a new President
and CEO.  It was announced that Brad Hunt would join Cintel,Inc on April
1.  (Brad--this is April's Fool Day??).

Brad has been at Allpost in Burbank for the last several years.  Before
that he was with Kodak.  He was involved in the Cineon project in the US
and in London.  He was also the Kodak person that transferred the Spirit
technology first to Cintel and then later to BTS(Philips). 

Brad mentioned that he hoped to see everyone at NAB.

(Question Brad--What do you think of Flying Spot and CCD Technology

Good luck in the Job.

Regards, Bill

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