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TIGNABFS last draft

this is the last draft of the TIG NAB Focus Sheet.  The final sheet
will be released in about 10 more days; this is a last call for any
manufacturers or products not listed here.  Brevity and focus are
necessary, thanks.

Avtek			Booth 5056	Contact: John Carter

		--P.C. based switcher/keyers, 4:4:4 processing 
Mx Series of SOI routing switchers
		--available in sizes from 4x4 to 256 in/out
Elite post production and Alphie telecine switcher

Range of modular audio video processing equipment including 
audio embeddors/extractors and shufflers

Cintel			Booth 7043	Contact: David Fenton

		--real time HighDef and true 2k scanning
Hue FX
		--C-Reality's integral 14bit colour processor
URSA Diamond
Turbo 3
		--high resolution 2k & 4k digital film scanning

daVinci			Booth 12817	Contact:	

		--Real-time Data, HDTV and SDTV color enhancement system
		--Enhanced Definable Windows for Renaissance 8:8:8

Multiple Renaissance 8:8:8 systems on show floor at Cintel, Philips, Sony,
Kodak, and Preferred Video Products (Sands)

Digital Vision		Booth S2962 (Sands)	Contac: Hugh R. Heinsohn

DVNR standard definition systems
		--Advanced Scratch Concealer II and Anti-Aliasing Control
DVNR High Definition systems
		--HD Grain & Noise Reducer, HD Advanced Scratch 
			Concealer II, HD Primary and Secondary 
			Color Corrector, HD Advanced Aperture Corrector
Viewfinder anamorphic film standards converters
		--for electronic film
			mastering and PAL to NTSC conversions
BitPack MPEG2 video and audio encoding systems 
		--for DVD pre-mastering
			and off-line encoding for fileservers
TV345 J81 ETSI television codec
		--for network backbone applications
Bitsaver MPEG2 preprocessor
		--for transmission applications
DVM19 High Definition Television codec system 
		--at Scientific Atlanta: LVCC, Booth Number 7713.

Evertz			Booth 13753	Contact:	

KeyLog Tracker
		--Win95 graphical user interface controlling
			4025TR Film Footage Encoder
A range of new Digital Video and Hi Def solutions

Lipsner-Smith		Booth 8345	Contact: Pat McNulty

Film Cleaning Machines 
Alternative Film Cleaning Solvent Information
Photomec Film Processors & Laboratory Equipment
Bremson Digital Analyzers

Options International	Booth 5753	Contact: Donna

		--4:4:4 image processing engine for telecine
		--full-bandwidth, ITU-601 digital video recorder
High-DEF Conversion Upgrade Package
		--for MkIII telecines, by DAV
16x9 Video Expander
		--unsqueezes horizontally, allows repositioning
4:2:2 Chroma Predictor
		--limits incoming signal to preset composite limits	
Variable Frame Delay
		--D1 Full Frame (525/625) Delay, Line and Pixel adjustments
ITK Stability Controlled Head Amps
		--updated and improved, w/PEC overload protection, etc.

Philips			Booth 12701		Contact:

Spirit DataCine
		--8:4:4 525/625, HDTV 1920x1080i, high speed
			data output
Effect filter drawer option
	 	--with filter set from South London Filter Co.
Increased Variable speed range
		--Spirit speed range expanded to 2-57fps
Steadiscan Image Stabilization*
		--stabilizes images relative to sprocket reference
			max speed 6fps
Phantom Transfer Engine
		--subsystem using SGI on Spirit output; 6fps  at 2k
Pandora MegaDef
		--hires realtime color corrector 
			is before Spirit spatial processor
			& format converter
Quadra Vision Telecine
		--upgraded, new Zeiss optics 
		--noise reduction system, control from GUI

*at Philips demo suite room N227 appt needed, contact local Philips rep

multiple systems at show at daVinci (Spirit, Quadra, VS4), Pandora
	(Spirit, VS4), Kodak (Spirit), AF Associates (Spirit, VS4)

Ross Video		Booth 9635	Contact: Sharon Quigley

CDK-104 Telecine Switcher

Synergy Series
		--Digital Production Switchers:
		Synergy 4 (4 MLEs), Synergy 3 (3 MLEs), and 
		Synergy 2 (2 MLEs)
		--encoders, decoders, frame synchronizers, frame store,
		capture card, d/a products, keyers

Sierra Design Labs	Booth S2932(Sands)	Contact: Steve Roach

Quickframe Disk Recorder
		--compressed and uncompressed HDTV
			at daVinci, Pandora, Philips (Spirit),
			NVision, Barco, and Panasonic booths
		--4:4:4 units at Ultimatte; 4:2:2:4 at Sony & Chyron
		--4:2:2 at many booths including SGI, Pinnacle, Orad,
			Miranda, and Getris
		--4:4:4:4 to 4:2:2:4 to 4:4:4:4, 13 bit colorspace 
			conversion, true RGB/YUV analog outputs at 10 bit
			precision from original 4:4:4 inputs of YUV or RGB

Snell & Wilcox		Booth 9876	Contact: Vince Jakimzak, Ed Elliott

*HD1012 High Definition 12 Input Telecine Switcher
*HD1024 High Definition Production Switcher
*HD1132 High Definition 32X32 Router
*HD4000 High Definition Frame Synchronizer
*HD5050 10-bit Standard Definition to High Definition Up-Converter
*CVR500 10-bit Linear Standards Converter

HD50 Up-Converter
HD200 Down-Converter
HD5100 10-bit Standard Definition to High Definition Up-Converter
ARC150 Bidirectional Aspect Ratio Converter
Alchemist PhC Motion Compensated Standards Converter

Sony		Event Center, Bally's Hotel	Contact: see below

There are two types of events:  Formal Presentations and Open House time.

The presentation is approximately 45 minutes duration.  Seating is 
limited and pre-booking is advised.  Presentation appointments 
should be made through your Sony Account Manager or by contacting:
Ms. Karen Havstad, Sony BPG, San Jose, CA 
Telephone: +1 408 955 4706 Facsimile: +1 408 955 4771 
email: karen_havstad at mail.sel.sony.com

Monday-Wednesday, April 6-8: Open House is 2-3p, 7-8p; 
		Presentations 3, 4, & 5p
Thursday, April 9: Open House is 1-2p; Presentations 12n

Tektronix		Booth ?		Contact: ?

Serial digital HDTV Waveform monitor/vectorscope (WFM1125)
A device providing serial digital HDTV test patterns from the TSG1001
Updated version of the SPG1000 HDTV Sync generator
	--use with the SPG422 sync generator to allowing genlocking 
		of 1125(1080) and 48kHz audio
Updates to the TSG1001 generator providing HD and SD formats

Tube Enhancement Inc.	Booth 7360	Contact: Gary Wessenberger

AFD-Platinum Universal CRT
Shielded, Deflection Yoke and Focus Coil Assembly for URSA
New Product to be announced

VAS Group		Booth 11070	Contact: Ramzi Shakra

	--525 to 625, and 625 to 525 conversion, HDTV downconversion
	--HDTV sync generator
	--HDTV transcoder & sync converter
	--HDTV safe area generator

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