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Re: Re: the TV part of HDTV

Some one wrote.
<<<<<<< Given #1) CBS' currently proposed delivery specification for High
Definition calls for shows produced on 35mm film to be delivered for
broadcast in 1080I, mastered on Panasonic D-5 recorders.  >>>>>>>>

			If DTV or HDTV, means that I no longer have to see that video clip on the
news of someones kid throwing the basketball the length of the court to win
the game at the last moment, then I would be happy.
			I wonder now, will home consumers have to run out and buy HDTV camcorders,
just so that their videos can be played on "America's funniest home Video",
will this mean the cash prize will be upped?
			I think, and correct me if I am wrong, isn't "Baywatch" ( arguably the most
POPULAR Show on the Planet - at one time anyway-   ) shot on Sixteen mm due to
budget restrictions? Are they going to switch to 35mm or Hi-Def?
			Besides which, really, if you hand C.B.S. an HDTV tape ( whatever format
they ask for), and you don't tell them it was shot in 16mm, NTSC, PAL, Or
Secam  or super 8 for that matter, as long as it meets the standards of
Broadcastability, which I suspect many of those "funniest videos" and high
school sports games don't even meet today's standards. Is CBS really going to
say NO we won't broadcast it?

Of course I'm certain this is an oversimplification.

Steven Gladstone ( Cinematographer at Large)

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