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Cintel Ad in Millimeter

     The latest Millimeter has a five page ad from Cintel touting the
C-Reality as the telecine for tomorrow.  There are some not quite subtle
bashes of the Spirit, but I was particularly rankled by Cintel's claim that
all CCD telecines require the film to move through the gate to see any color
correction or zoom effects.  As Spirit users all know, Phillips has
generally removed that block from CCD design, allowing us operators to set
negative matching and zooms on a parked still frame.
     The main bashing had to do with Spirit's way-poor color resolution.  I
guess we've been into that enough on the TIG.  Anyway, just before the ad is
part two of the telecine feature D.W. Leitner started last month.  A pretty
good article, folks, and I especially enjoyed the gentle slap at CBS for
basing their HDTV spec entirely on the output of a Sony film chain!
     I am not employed by Millimeter, Cintel, Phillips, CBS, Sony, or
Nathan's Hot Dogs.

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post & Transfer

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