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recent comments re: TIG

On 3/21/98 5:19 AM, Jeff Kreines (jeffkreines at mindspring.com) wrote:

> The TIG is not something you really want to emulate, Geoff... arcane
> policies and too many posts concerned with not violating any taboos
> about advertising.  

I suppose you have a right to your opinion Jeff, but I submit that
almost 1000 TIG subscribers, and I, disagree with you; signal-to-noise
ratio on the TIG is high.

> I (before I
> was banned from the TIG) liked the place a lot but felt that perhaps
> it was a bit tightly supervised.  I have friends on the TIG whose
> posts get sent to them but to no one else on the list!

More on this in a moment....  could you be referring to John Snopes,

> I am slightly amused that after donating $900 to the TIG I was
> unceremoniously dumped....  well, amused might not be quite the word.
> So I read it on the web page....  and send responses to imaginary
> friends.  It's a sad lonely life...  sniff sniff....  ;-)

You were not unceremoniously dumped, Jeff, this is what happened:

1) you refused to pay a previously agreed-upon commission for the sale
of equipment through the TIG.

 (your subscription to the TIG remained active)

2) you then attacked the TIG publicly and me particularly.

 (your subscription to the TIG remained active)

3) you reposted, to the CML, email remarks of mine, adding your
own 'commentary', without my knowledge.

 (at this point your subscription to the TIG was ended by the
	administrator [me])

4) on July 30, 1997, 'JSnopes at aol.com' subscribed to the TIG; John
Snopes claimed to be a 'documentary filmmaker in Muncie, Indiana'.
For the following 7 months, Jeff Kreines, of Montgomery, Alabama,
masqueraded on the TIG as John Snopes, of Muncie, Indiana, posting and
responding with increasing volume and alacrity.

The tradition of a right to anonymity on the internet is balanced with
a skepticism toward those who don't identify themselves: I don't mind
if someone wishes to remain anonymous.  As administrator of the TIG, I
do mind, however, when the TIG is used as an instrument of mass
deception, where subscribers are misled, via impersonation, as to the
source of posted material.

--Rob Lingelbach

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