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RE: TIG crippled? (was: CML: Recent)

On Sun, 22 Mar 1998 23:18:23 -0500  Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>On Mar 22, 19:23, Jeff Kreines wrote:

>> But I still think that the wall you have erected makes it difficult 
>> to discuss some things openly.  I think the CML is much looser, and 
>> therefore better,  in that regard.  But that is just my opinion.
>If the TIG subscribers want to change the way the group operates, it
>is certainly possible.  Yours is, currently, the only complaint I've

Look around at some other mail lists... I think we would all agree
that the SNR is pretty high here... please don't change it; and we 
owe a lot to Rob for being committed enough to the integrity of the
TIG to parry the jousts of those who have fostered discord, by intent
or by accident (myself included, by the way).

Basically, Rob created the group, set the standards, maintains the
integrity, moderates a fine line of marketing vs. open discussion and
has a hell of a web site that serves the industry well.  The vast maj-
ority of us are in agreement with his "rules" and can approach Rob
privately and in a reasonable manner if we disagree with something.

So, Jeff, Snopes, whatever, if you think the CML is a better place for
you, then I think you've just come up with your solution to this dilemma!

>But perhaps the TIG succeeds, with
>its high signal to noise ratio, because of the level of moderation.

right on.  we're big boys and girls, and we all know that if we don't
get what we need from the TIG, we can go elsewhere.  The reason we
stay tuned is because (just like TV) we enjoy good production values
and a good signal.

>> Ah, I've been outed.  I can stop living a double life.  Most TIG 
>> members knew it immediately.  
>most did not and were deceived.

I did not know, and I personally resent the subterfuge.

>I submit to the subscribers of the TIG an open call for comments on
>whether they think the TIG is 'crippled'.

Isn't that what 'unsubscribe' is for?

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