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Re: CML: Recent comments re TIG - a response

On Mar 22, 10:23pm, Jeff Kreines wrote:

> I have a feeling that few others (any?) have paid any sales commission =
> to the TIG,

	I for one, take offense at that. I have personally contributed
to support the TIG and when I have sold equipment through the TIG
mailing list or web page I think a seperate contribution is in order
and have done so.  Considering the value received for the TIG I think
it's a bargain.

> I think that there is room in the TIG for a diversity of voices.  I would
> like to be one of those voices.

I've never noticed a lack of diversity in the TIG <vbg>!

> But I am a child of the Sixties, and believe that democracy and
> discuss= ion should be interesting and messy and uninhibited.  You
> grew up in a differ= ent, more repressive era, and believe that the
> TIG should read like the SMPTE Journal.  It's too bad =AD you've
> created a great forum but keep cripplin= g it.

Jeff, I'm another of those "Sixties children" but I'm also quite happy
to be able to choose a forum with a good signal to noise ratio. When
I'm in the mood for anarchy I'll hit the Usenet groups - there's room and a
purpose for each.  BTW, I think that Rob's managed to take the
positive aspect of SMPTE (minimizing the PR) and appropriately apply
it to the TIG. (Disclaimer - I'm Secretary/Treasurer of the NY Section
SMPTE - but it doesn't make me a bad person <g>

Rich Torpey

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