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re: TIG comments

I for one have found the TIG to be an extremely useful group and a contact
point for new and old friends in the telecine community.  Rob has done an
excellent job managing to keep this bunch focused on the important issues
of our field and providing a forum for education and communication.  The
high signal to noise ratio, as has been pointed out by others, is one of
the TIG's best features and absolutely requires the diligence and
discipline that Rob offers to keep it that way.

I also did not know Snopes = Kreines and I don't think of myself as below
the bar when it comes to thought processes.  My own naivete did not
consider someone would try to falsify his identity in such an otherwise
very professional group.  I also take offense at this.

To Kreines/Snopes; As far as the Sixties goes, are you sure you want the
"Spirit of the Sixties" to be an ideal for us in this era?  Not a decade
has gone by that didn't cause people to rethink their thought patterns.  To
get stuck in any one is to not grow and learn.  Learn from the past but
please don't make me or anyone else live in it.

Now can we get back to telecine issues?

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