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RE>Re: CML: Recent comments re TIG - a response

                      RE>Re: CML: Recent comments re TIG - a_      23/3/9
Please can this debate be carried out privately.It's good for no one.

On a different note:
NAB is nearly upon us and it would be great if there was a TIG night out. I'm thinking of something along the lines of the "Sprocket Club " nights that I organise in London rather than a cocktail party corporate thing.
Yes, it is a childish excuse to let off steam and talk film with a line of tequila slammers in front of you. Is this politically incorrect for homely good old US of A?
We all work very hard and sometimes, every now and then it's good to go crazy!
If any manufacturer would like to offer to cover a bar such as in the Luxor to meet the thirsty TIG informally this would be cool (and TAX deductible I hope!). It would be great to meet up. 
Philips seem to be selling well... and with a name like Spirit....maybe they are up for it :-)

Paul "anarchy in the Uk" Grace

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