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Re: Flame/Inferno Coloring

>Ah Martin, Now you understand how I feel when I'm asked not to shoot
>the way I want to, so that there will be more flexibility in Telecine.

That almost opens a whole new subject.  With some of the upcoming technology
you'll be able to do a lot of really interesting stuff in real-time in a
telecine bay.  You'll be able to, for example, mix and match specific
filters until you are happy... or apply a filter only to someones' face...
or select a filter that is in between two real-life filters ...  or, how
about being able to do very realistic depth of field manipulation in a
telecine bay?  In some cases you'd be able to shoot with a naked lens and
then play with the look in post.

Ultimately it is up to the cinematographer to decide when the use of such
technology is appropriate for the task at hand.  It will take a while for
these ideas to trickle up/down to all the people that need to understand
them and could use them.


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