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Support for the Status Quo

To fellow TIGers,

I don't believe I've ever posted to the group as a whole, I generally
confine my replies to the specific parties involved. However, I wish to
publicly place my "vote" with those who appreciate Rob's high level of
"adult supervision" of the TIG. 

I read the TIG to glean info on current uses of telecine and color
correction technologies, along with rational discussions of future trends
in the business. The lack of marketing hyperbole and vaporware presentation
makes the TIG exceptionally useful in that regard. 

In addition, the high SNR makes it possible to review the info I'm
interested in without having to commit a great deal of time to the process.
Time is the only product I have, and I guard it zealously.

I closing, I'd like to remind the members of Rob's commitment to the TIG.
For him, this is a hobby, not a job. Nevertheless, when faced with what to
do with a little money generated from contributions to the TIG, he chose
improvement to the hardware and increased bandwidth rather than a long
weekends vacation. 

For the record, Effective Engineering is the factory service center for
Pandora International, Ltd. products in North America.


Grant Knox
Director of Engineering
Effective Engineering, Inc.

e-mail	grantjr at effeng.com
Phone	818-841-4437
Fax		818-841-4389

"What we wish to do with ease, we must first do with diligence."
                                                                Samuel Johnson

Thanks to Peter Stansfield for supporting the TIG in 1998..
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