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Re: Kodak SFX 200T color negative film

On Tue, 24 Mar 1998 15:58:04 +1100, you wrote:
>I have just been made aware of a new film stock developed by Kodak
>especially designed for Digital FX jobs where blue/green screen shots are
>used, has anyone seen Kodak SFX 200T color negative as yet in any of your
>Telecine sessions?
I haven't seen it in telecine, but I have seen it under a microscope.

It was developed by Kodak at least partially in response to queries and
comments by Hoyt Yeatman at Dreamquest. 

Hoyt shot some tests for the Mighty Joe Young feature with existing Kodak
stock and found slight but reproducible blooming in at least one of the
film layers when it was subjected to highly saturated blue as typified by
screens lit with KenoFlos. This blooming was evident in later Cinesite
Ultimatte compositing, and required that the matte be pushed rather hard to
eliminate it, resulting is loss of fur detail on the ape.

He documented his findings as only Hoyt can, and flew to Rochester to
present them to Kodak. They took a look and agreed that there was a
potential problem.  The result was the new stock. When I looked at it under
a microscope, it had excellent edges and transitions to the color screen,
better than anything I'd seen previously.  I haven't seen an actual matte
cut with it yet, but Hoyt has said it is excellent stuff.


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