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Re: Flame/Inferno Coloring

>Martin Wrote;
>>I keep hearing comments from Flame/Inferno operators about how "we had to
>>color-correct every shot we got from telecine"  and "I can do everything
>>they do, I don't know why we even bother..."

It's basic color theory that when layers of corrected imagery get combined
visual perceptions of each individual layer may change... so I grant the
tablet geeks that.
(just a little ribbing -- I promise).

I'm happy to let them believe that they can color correct. Everyone thinks
they're a photographer since the point and shoot, and a writer since MSWord.
So why not  << A COLORIST??  >>

If the Flame/Inferno person wants to believe that he/she can color correct
like we do, Great!  -- Let them try. Go for it man! have fun, it's easy!!!
just grab those curves and bend those histograms. Work one
knob/wheel/software slider at a time -- it's a great way to go - and so
fast!!! The clients will love watching and waiting for this articulate,
detailed, expressive way of color correcting to happen -- all at the same
time as cutting mattes and tracking really difficult camera moves!!! I
honestly can't wait... I'm atwitter with aniticipation. 

Any artist worth their salt knows that there is room for all of us to
specialize and bring our own special bag of tricks to the party.  TO ALL :
Have confidence in what you do, respect for your profession, and stop
worrying about what the tablet geeks think they can do with a pen. Guess
what?? there's still stuff that cannot be replicated any other way than when
it is shot on film. Can you believe it?  it's almost the 20th C and film's
still not dead---- Ohmigod!!!!  

On a seperate note, I think Rob has done a  tremendous job. I've been with
this forum since it was a couple weeks old, and I am much the better for it.
I am dissappointed sometimes at the lack of participation by colorists. I
hear it  all the time from other colorists; I'm too busy, too many
engineers, I don't want to look "slow". I've got a wife and a daughter, and
I typically get on around midnight or on the weekend. It's a weird
micro-culture when people are worried about appearing slow or competing with
colorists they don't know in other regions or counrties who are really just
interested discussion and not much more sinister intentions( for the most

The lurkers here are basicly Yalla bellied sap suckers. Ya'all crawl out yer
damn holes and say sumthin once a while.... Be brave --  say somthin
stoopid... I've done it plenty. Guess what ? I didn't get fired, people
still call to try and hire me, and things are just ducky. So quit hidin
before I halft to come an find ya.....

Happy knob twiddling,


Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist
Optimus, Inc.
Chicago, IL  60611
acleffel at mindspring.com

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