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Flame/Inferno Coloring

michel suissa wrote:

> I believe the answer does not lie in finding who can do the better job of
> color grading an image, but in realizing when it becomes the most appropriate
> to make color correction adjustments.


Your correct. I cant tell you how many times I would have loved to have had one
more shot at a final color correct after conform or composite. Anyone who would
tell you otherwise is full of it or just a bad colorist. No matter how many frame
stores or DDR's you have, until youve seen it all together with titles and final
composities, your spitting into the wind if you think your done with the project.
Anytime I get something back from finish to put on my reel, I give it one more
pass of tape-to-tape just for a final gloss.

Rob, as I am original founding member of the TIG dating back to the BBS period,
you have my permission to jettison anyone from the list. This man was a notorious
overposter, with little to contribute. Keep a steady hand on the helm. Dont change
a thing.

Hey, daVinci...when can we expect a pre-store color correction system for the
Spirit. I remember my first daVinci classic was used as a doorstop for two years
while the system was upgraded from composite post-store.

I already have a nice doorstop. ;^)


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