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Using filters

Here's a question on procedure for all you Colorists out there:

What is your prefered setup procedure when using colored filters during a
transfer?  I'm talking about what you do when you go from no filtration to
color filter.

Do you setup without filtration for a balanced (or whatever is called for)
look, then insert the filter and adjust gain to compensate for insertion

Let's say for example that, after looking through some shots you are asked
to put in a Chocolate, Sepia, Blue Grey, or whatever other color filter.  On
a camera you would insert the filter and compensate your exposure
accordingly.  My guess is that the most appropriate technique for TK is not
too far from the electronic equivalent to this.

Of course, with the controls we have most of these filters can be very
effectively simulated.  Then again, if the client asks and wants to see a
piece of glass in the path...


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