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RE>RE: RE>RE: Green light (again?!)

Well, I'm not getting into who has the biggest ! at %^& with the boring URSA versus Spirit debate, it's all been said. Interestingly we are installing a C-Reality at Rushes now but I have not been posting Billy Graham type emails on how C reality will change my life and make me any more attractive to the opposite sex (no comments please).
I used the URSA example as it is the majority machine in use, just like Flame. I could have said Spirit and Illusion.
You missed my point, if you elevate the pixel size of the images I feel you need to maintain bandwidth. We simply would not be able to achieve the same quality composites in our digital film work with anything less. If Spirit was 4:4:4 only there would be little to choose from either TK as the shootout at SMA proved. I'd have no problem using a Spirit for TV work it's a good box and a worthy design.
BUT at 2048x1536 Film resolution you can't fudge it to respected clients.
Maybe that is a NO-BRAINER ;-).
These new generations of TK are have pretty high aspirations in terms of resolution and uses and in some areas there will be compromise, this is life and the real world.
Timothy Taylor's Ale....what's it like?

Paul "anarchy in the UK "Grace

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