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Re: Green light

>Also "then take every other pixel on a line and throw them away."
>You can't just drop pixels out, the image needs to be interpolated to
>avoid artifacts.

I'm not sure what you mean.  To interpolate is to create a data point in
between two existing data points.  Interpolation would create more pixels.
Are you talking about averaging or some sort of filtering that would take
into account the surrounding pixels to make-up a new value?

I have to tell you that, by starting with a 4K scan, throwing-away was
exactly what we did and they are still doing.  Experience has shown that
there is no need to do fancy image processing to reduce the data set and you
are hard pressed to tell the difference when the film is projected on a
theatrical size screen.  We were handling a huge number of visual effects
shots for 20th. Century Fox films.  In fact, Fox bought the company and
expanded it later on.
Of course, there are projects and shots that  demand that the full data set
be used.


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