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Re: Using filters

Martin Euredjian wrote:

> Here's a question on procedure for all you Colorists out there:
> What is your prefered setup procedure when using colored filters during a
> transfer?  I'm talking about what you do when you go from no filtration to
> color filter.

We suggest also another method, which includes colorist and DP in the
same prosess from beginning

"For scenes lit for visual effect, i.e. sunset, we recommend that you
(DoP) shoot the chart twice. First you shoot GAMMA=1c under normal, i.e.
3200°K or 5500°K light conditions then by using the magnetic labels,
attach label "GRAY" next to "SET FOR". 

Then implement whatever you do to achieve your intended effect (i.e.
amber or 1/2 CTO gel on the lights to create a sunset look), and shoot
the chart a second time, after applying the pre-printed magnetic label
SUNSET next to SET UP FOR on your chart.

 This will indicate to the tele-cine colorist that the set is lit with
warm “sunset” light intentionally, and it should not be “corrected” out
of the scene."
(From G&D User Manual).


Phillip Kotter, G&D Company

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