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RE: Flame/Inferno Coloring

Dave Corbitt Wrote:

The image displayed on the Inferno or Flame hi-res monitor will
most likely have display errors of colorimetry as well as absolute levels
of black, gamma, and highlight brightness, all due to the monitor itself.
This will effect the perceived appearance of the images greatly.  It is
also my experience that the lighting in an Infoerno or Flame room is
oftentimes not controlled as it is in telecine rooms for color temperature
and illumination level.  This will also effect the way the display is
perceived.  Make sure that when doing "color correction" in these rooms you
are not "correcting" for the monitor and the room ambient lighting.

I couldn't agree withyou more Dave. Right On.

Jim Mendrala 
Real Image Technology, Inc.
(818) 294-1049
mailto:J_Mendral at compuserve.com

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