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C-Reality at Rushes

	Paul Grace wrote:
	Interestingly we are installing a C-Reality at Rushes now but I
have not been posting Billy Graham type emails on how C reality will
change my life and make me any more attractive to the opposite sex...

	Well, now. Speak up, sir. You have the newest toy on the block
but you won't share your initial views because the rest of us might put
you in the same category as a tele-evangelist?! If your C-Reality only
makes you into a playboy but doesn't improve your FX work, we want to

	I promise to stop explaining Spirit SDTV RGB resolution just
because a few readers don't get it. Digital design engineers can indeed
be digit-heads. Boring, yes. However, you could share something exciting
like your own C-Reality vs Ursa or Spirit comparison results. Or is it
still in the crate and you were just bragging about the size of your
! at %^&.

	Randy "no anarchy since 1776" Reck
	Encore Santa Monica

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