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FlyngCCD telecine: idea

First I apologie for my english... second for the idea:
Speaking of image steadiness is better to make the film advancing
continuosly or using a pin registred system?
I guess that if we make transfers of camera originals the second system
could give a better approsimation of the camera pin, I would like to know
the tolerance of the pitch of the holes in the camera negatives emulsions too.
If the projector style is better or at least not worse I was thinking to
have a linear CCD which scans the film horizontally (using a rotating
mirror or something like) in this way we can oversampling in the H
direction as much we like (having light enough and reducing the aperture). 
It seems to me that the video signal by nature is "vertical sampled" an at
least we need for the aspect ratio (and the square pixel) more samples in
Horizontal direction than the vertical.

I would like also to know something about the optical low pass filters in
front of the CCDS of the Spirit and the new Sony (if any).

Thanks for this really interesting place.

Matteo Ricchetti

Eidomedia film - video
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