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Steve Russell/NAB Party

Regarding Steve Russell's latest posting pertaining to the NAB party:  Yes,
Philips has kindly offered to contribute to the party funds in the past (as
well as have other integral companies within the telecine industry).  Although
I did explain the reasons for declining in a previous message to the group,
perhaps he didn't see it.  I don't want to be too repetitive for all that did
read it.  So, I'll try to summarize:

Coordinating this party takes a tremendous amout of work and considerable
time.  Yes, Vegas is a large place.  But, finding a location that will work
with you under the parameters needed (not just the room size)... "ain't an
easy thing to do".  Believe me, there couldn't be many places left in Vegas
that we have contacted over the past three years that we've been coordinating
this party.    I also stated that if there was an "open door" for any one
related to telecine (manufacturers and distributors) to sponsor... we would
either a) end up with more sponsors' employees at this event than guests  or
b) we'd need to hire a room near the size of a small stadium  (which would not
have the type of "informal" atmosphere that Paul Grace previously mentioned).

Lastly,  this is not just an "Options" party... rather a party that we co-
sponsor "equally" with 13 other of our manufacturers this year (a list of
sponsors has already been published on the TIG). Options and some of the
manufacturers' of products that we rep give this party as a very small token
of appreciation to our industry friends... just as many other companies do
(Sony) and have done (Alpha Image).  This is not just for, or limited to,
facilities (customers)... but, manufacturers and other entities related to the
telecine realm.    I also mentioned that Options, personally, provided passes
to several entities in the past (i.e. da Vinci, Tube Enhancement, Bill Hogan,
Mike Waldie, etc.) from our own ticket allotment, which we were happy to do.
FUNCTION BY ANY OF THE PARTY SPONSORS (yes, I'm shouting... but not angrily
so).  Just because an entity isn't a sponsor... certainly doesn't mean that
they can't join in the fun.  Again, this party is given for the "entire"
telecine industry.  I've been to numerous others'  bashes when Options wasn't
a sponsor and had a blast (especially since I didn't have to be invovled with
all the leg-work of pulling the event together).

Steve, I truly hope you know that you and any other Philips' staff are most
welcome at the Fun Night.  Please feel free to see us for a Pass when we get
to Vegas.  As always, it would be great to see you.

All the best,

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