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RE>C-Reality at Rushes

                      RE>C-Reality at Rushes                       26/3/9
Ok short update,

I'm building what I hope to be Europes finest Telecine suite, or as Steve Russell "kindly" put it "Paul Grace's shrine to telecine"!
It's an interesting very large room that is partly underground.
In the suite I've built in a sophisticated motorised monitoring center and fibre optic lighting etc. It has a minimalist "Flame type" feel to the room which I love.
I've incorporated design features from the digital film unit I designed 2 years ago to ensure the room is "Digital Film ready". This design was very successful and came into it's own on the last two major motion picture films we worked on "Tomorrow never dies" and "Lost in Space" ensuring that a dust free stable environment was maintained, essential for VFX Film work.
Our C Reality is at Ware and has been prepared for shipping into Rushes by removing the cladding so it will fit through the door apertures.I  visit the factory frequently (The security officer still thinks I work there!!) to test and review the machine as the Cintel engineers add new features day by day. I live close by and this is convenient.
The suite system wiring is complete.
The problem I have is NAB and all the pressures of running both Rushes and First Art. The builders are laying the floor so next week I could in theory wheel the machine in and start firing it up and running some test transfers, I'm flying to LA on 2nd April so I will  wait until I return to the UK on the 13th. It helps Cintel to have the machine there also while NAB is on so that production can use it to test boards etc.
I've never worked so hard in all my life with Iron (www firstart.co.uk/iron.htm), toast (www.firstart.co.uk/toast.htm) and the Inferno Colourist Sparks (www.firstart.co.uk/anvil.htm) I've designed and  this installation is very important to me, and I will not rush it and compromise the plan.  
Rushes has the best colourists I have ever worked with, anywhere in the world and this toolset will give them ( in my humble opinion )  the ability to extend their skills to higher resolutions.
I would not like to be labeled as a Cintel Evangelist, or indeed a CR Evangelist, this is why I have kept very quite on CR, I am not paid by them in any way to say anything. I want the freedom to consider any product any other company makes be that Sony or Philips or whoever. I am however a Film and Technology addict.
When I can catch my breath I'll write something.

See you at the show.

(PS: with a name like Randy Reck you shouldn't need to brag!)

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