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Flame/Inferno color

On Mar 26,  5:16pm, Jean-Francois Panisset wrote:

> Although I don't have any experience as an operator, I would imagine
> that color correction decisions would be based on how it looks like
> on the broadcast monitor, not on the SGI display, since this is what
> is going to end up on your tape.

	Yes most FFFI installations have a grade A monitor on the GIVO or
Sirius output. However, it's always a problem when the artist is staring
intently at the SGI monitor in front of him if it doesn't match the broadcast
monitor - their eyes become accustomed to that image they've been staring at
and when they look at the broadcast monitor it takes time for their perception
of color to recover. I really, really hate it when clients and artists ask
"Which monitor is right?"!

Rich Torpey

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