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Re: Flame/Inferno Coloring

Craig Leffel wrote:
> If the Flame/Inferno person wants to believe that he/she can color correct
> like we do, Great!  -- Let them try. Go for it man! have fun, it's easy!!!
> just grab those curves and bend those histo....

Jeez Craig, don't overheat now. I don't think the situation is at all
like this.
Martin started the thread by seeking others thoughts on the question of
cc in Flame vs cc in TK.  Here's how I see it....
Color correction is available in Flame/Flint/Inferno as a tool,
optimized for accurate blending of multilayer composites, blue/green
spill suppression and general 'correction'. It *can* also be used for
creative cc, but with obvious shortfalls in speed of operation etc.
where a client is present.
We occasionally find ourselves grading/re-grading shots (in a TVC say)
because we are basically at the end of the line in the Post process,...
clients can't decide or change their minds, or maybe run out of
time/money in TK. A bit of a 'tweak' here and there is inevitable.
Also, I resent being called a 'tablet geek', you, you, nnnnnnnNob
twiddler! ;)
> The lurkers here are basicly Yalla bellied sap suckers. Ya'all crawl out yer
> damn holes and say sumthin once a while....

There ya go.

Byron Court
Digital Artist/Compositor
bjcourt at ozemail.com.au

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