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Re: Using filters

Martin Euredjian wrote:

> What is your prefered setup procedure when using colored filters during a
> transfer?  I'm talking about what you do when you go from no filtration to
> color filter.
> Do you setup without filtration for a balanced (or whatever is called for)
> look, then insert the filter and adjust gain to compensate for insertion
> loss?

Wouldn't it be nice if it were just a gain adjustment . . .    Always a little
bit of remixing too.  But, while I like exploring new looks, I find the use of
filters slightly aggrevating because their effect is not predictable.  I have
heard others speak glowingly of filter sets, and I've wondered if I'm using a
substandard set - perhaps other suppliers have developed sets that work
particulary well with the various light sources that are specific to each

But, yes I start with a basic mix as a reference point before I add a filter.

Tim Bond
Du Art Film & Video

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