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RE: Fuji TAF

> ERIC CARLOS of Video Post Manila wrote-->
> >	Does anybody know if there is a Fuji Telecine Analysis Film
> >available?  If
> >there is, where can we get one (place and contact person)?
	We use Kodak's Vision TAF to set up for all negatives, including
Fuji. The TAF gives you a preset 7 stop range that is very useful for
initial setup. We transfer dailies on the programs Ally McBeal and The
Practice, both shot on Fuji, every night using this setup (with the PEC
levels changed to match the exposure on the negative, of course). Using
TAF to preset the 7 stop dynamic range across red, green, and blue
equally can go a long way towards getting a valid initial timing.

	Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.

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