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Re: Using filters

>Wouldn't it be nice if it were just a gain adjustment . . .    Always a
>bit of remixing too.  But, while I like exploring new looks, I find the use
>filters slightly aggrevating because their effect is not predictable.

It seems to me that some clients might not be aware of some of the basics of
a telecine transfer.  What I mean is that when someone wants to use a
colored filter during a negative transfer the color they think they are
asking for is not what they will be getting.  If they were transfering print
the situation would more closely match what would happen when using a filter
in front of a camera.
I recently had a client insists on using various colored filters... I tried
to explain but he was set on trying this (for the first time ever)... In the
end they got the look they wanted but it had nothing to do with the filters
being there.

How common is it for clients to want to use colored filters during a
negative transfer?


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