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Re: telecine-digest Digest V98 #37

> I have a mac and cannot open up your enclosure. ...

I'm 100% Mac - no Wintel machine anywhere. I don't know what mail reader you're using, but it needs to be upgraded. Buy Eudora. At any decent computer store; about 25 bucks. I double-click any attachment, and it opens up in the appropriate application. In the case of the Digest, it opens as small Eudora mailbox, with 3 or 4 messages; the window shows Subjects, dates, originators, and so on.

Ah, sorry, I now see you're using AOL. No dice. AOL has no proper mail reader, and you can't use Eudora with AOL. In the long term, I suggest that you wean yourself from AOL and find a proper ISP. An auxiliary benefit is avoidance of the 5 or 10 junk messages that you receive on AOL every week, invising you to participate in live ... activities on the Internet. Or "earn" $50,000 next month.

Meanwhile, Save that attachment to a file, and then open it in a TEXT-capable word processor. That particular attachment is less than 32 K bytes, so Apple's SimpleText (or TeachText) would do, though for longer messages, you'll need something else. You could use Microsoft Word; I would prefer BBEdit Lite, which is $20 (or so) shareware.

I have an ulterior motive - 2 of the messages in that Digest are from me!


Charles Poynton 
<mailto:poynton at poynton.com> [Mac Eudora, MIME, BinHex, uu, qpv]

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