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Re: Flame/Inferno Coloring

>>The image displayed on the Inferno or Flame hi-res monitor will
>>most likely have display errors of colorimetry as well as absolute levels
>>of black, gamma, and highlight brightness, all due to the monitor itself.

>Which is why in almost every Flame/Inferno suite there is a broadcast
>monitor connected to the output of the video card. Thus the path is:

>Jean-Francois Panisset


I'm pretty sure everyone knows that the DL setup is technically very capable
and up-there with the best.  I don't think that's the issue here.  It's more
of a human visual perception thing than anything else.  If you are looking
at a monitor that has a response and behaviour different from a top grade
broadcast monitor your color perception will be altered.  Add this with the
usually non-ideal lighting and environment in these rooms and the matter is
For blending of elements and emergency fixes it's OK, but to do mainstream
--assuming you even had the required tools-- a lot would have to change.

Since I'll never claim to be an expert in anything outside the Theory of
Relativity maybe we can get more feedback and contrasting points from other
engineers and colorists.


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