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CCD telecine scan process ??

Hello -

  I've been a lurker here for some time attempting to learn about the telecine
process from the collective intelligence represented in this mailing list.

  I now have a, probably basic, question about CCD telecine/datacine units.  I
am assuming that a CCD telecine would have three separate CCD pickup units --
one for each of R, G, and B.  Is each of these CCD units arranged as a full
frame sensor or as a single line sensor?  It would seem that one approach
would be a 2D CCD array onto which the film frame is projected and sensed.
The other approach would be a 1D "line" of sensors that can only scan one
"line" at a time.  It would build a whole frame as the film passed through the
scan apparatus.  Can anyone here shed any light on what approach is used and


Jim Fitzgerald
tig at spacelink.com
San Diego, CA

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