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Re: Spirit Megadef Benefits

> Can anyone enlighten me as to the benefits of the Pandora MegaDef
> hires realtime color corrector. What I am most interested in is:
> What are the advantages of having the device located before the
> Spirits' internal spatial processor, and format converter?
> Can one see this combination of Spirit and Megadef at NAB?

	Besides having the scan effects after the secondary cc which would be
really cool (don't need to track your own scan moves), I believe it would
be similar to the advantages you have of the Ursa's scc being in a
non-video D1 type format. My dream would be to have real time scc in my
Spirit the same way it works in the Ursa because whatever you do with
external scc it is not the same, but this means 2k real time scc, an
expensive solution I believe, especially if you finish in SDTV. If you
can't afford real time then your scc will be outside the Spirit which
probably doesn't make a difference in 2k but in SDTV brings us to the
current situation. As most Spirits today are used in SDTV, this to me is a
major concern.

	Have a good NAB.	

	Jean-Clement Soret

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