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CCD telecine scan [2]

Atomic4567 at aol.com wrote:
| Currently available machines (i.e. Quadra & Spirit) use line arrays. The
| Quadra's is much as you'd imagined a line array would be, but the Spirit is
| somewhat different, having four lines of sensors 1) 1920 active site Luminance
| array 2)3)&4) 980 active site R, G & B arrays which are offset relative to

  An "1920 active site Luminance array"?  I don't entirely understand this.
My understanding (assumption) was that the light was passed through a prism to
separate the R,G, and B components.  Each of those components were then sensed
separately by individual CCDs.  What is this fourth Luminance CCD sensor?
Where does it's light input come from with relation to the optical prism?  I'm
assuming that the luminance CCD would be sensing the light passed through the
film frame but before it reaches the prism that separates the individual RGB
components.  If so, how is this actually accomplished optically?  Some sort of
beam splitter?

  How is the sensed liminance data actually used by the datacine relative to
the individually sensed R, G, and B data?


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San Diego, CA

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