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NAB Demonstrations

Two things at NAB which may be of interest to this group:

1) The Gang of Four will make an appearance in the Microsoft booth.   This
is a relatively objective comparison, side-by-side, of 480/30I, 480/60P,
720/60P and 1035/30I.   The gear used will be mostly Panasonic, with a bit
of Sony mixed in.  It is difficult to perform a completely objective test at
a trade show like this.  Nevertheless, I think you'll have to admit that
showing these DTV contenders side by side is very very interesting.  Most
people in this business have never seen this demo, let alone people in the
press (and normal humans too).

2) A "Bellevue" (code name) system will be shown in the Compaq booth.  This
is a broadcast PC equipped with an 8 VSB "tuner" and a low-cost hardware
MPEG decoder, enabling it to receive 480/60P transmissions and display them
natively at 720/60P (or any display resolution for that matter).    The
inclusion of a scaling engine in the receiver enables this machine to
present video unlike any you've ever seen on a PC or a TV.  Bellevue is a
prototype of the PC99 specification which was described at the WinHEC
conference last week.  If you've ever doubted John Watkinson's assertions
that 480P in the transmission channel with a proper rescaler in the receiver
is all most consumers will ever need you must see this demo.

Sorry, I don't have the booth numbers handy but I believe both are in the
Sands (not the rust belt).

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