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Re: Avid telecine

>Are there many houses recording dailies directly to the Avid?

There are  at 4 houses in LA that have MRT's.

>Is the Avid system difficult to incorporate?

We used it for about 4 weeks on a feature and had no problems once Avid got
the software working. It does require someone who is basically an Avid
assistant to get the material setup for delivery to the client. In our
case, we were generating one master clip, merging in a database and having
the system subclip to the database. The client decided to discontinue the
xfer straight to disk, but from our point of view, it was very successful.

>Who provides the disks, the client or the post house?

We rented them to the client.

>What is the cost of the system?

I believe that the MRT is around $45,000 plus storage.

>What is the cost of additional hard drives?

Depends on what you're buying. One of the big problems that I see is that
there's so many different drive flavors that are being used on Avids that
it's hard to know what any client will be asking for, e.g., Fiber Channel
drives that aren't compatible with each other, MediaDock, R-Mag, etc.

-Michael Walker
Hollywood Digital

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