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Re: CCD telecine scan [2] -Reply

Steve, thanks for the clarification.

Perhaps you could help me understand something else which has been bugging me
about the Spirit for a while.

The luminance array provides 1920 samples per line, from what I understand. If
that is the case, sampling theory indicates that 1920 sample points would
provide for a resolution of only half that i.e. 960 cycles per line and the
colour array, similarly, for 480 cycles per line. Not wanting to appear too
stoopid, is an SD PAL frame 720x576 samples or cycles? If it's the latter, how
do you make up the difference?

In addition, how does the Spirit deal with the square pixels of data and the
non square of video? It would seem an easy issue to address on a flying spot
system but, not fully understanding the function of the four line luminance
array, a rather thorny issue with a fixed dimension CCD array.

I'd love to go to NAB - no chance this year I'm afraid. Maybe IBC though...


Adrian Thomas
London, UK

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