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Re: 16mm Sound Alignment Film

6/04/98 10:48 Philip Budden/Das Werk wrote:

> Does anyone know where we can get som 16mm sound alignment film?

Here is an address we sent to the TIG a month ago
   Michel Baptiste/Commission Sup. Technique Image et Son 
   11, rue Galilee,  75116 PARIS  
   Tel +33 1 5323 9080  Fax +33 1 4723 0994 
   http://www.cst.fr   email: cst at cst.fr

Available CST 16mm sound alignment films

16B-DRUIT ROSE : Pink noise track for electrical and accoustical 
measurementswith real time analysers.  [Multi frequency sinusoidal 
track films are no longer manufactured since real time analysers 
are now very cheap, more accurate and easier to use than 
scopes/meters monitoring sinewaves].

16B-6000 : 6KHz track for head focusing and azimuth alignment.
[equivalent to SMPTE P16-SF-A, P-16SF-B, P16-ALP]

16B-3150 : 3150 Hz  at  24 or 25fps for speed and wov & flutter
control (directly recorded on b&w stock)

16B-LOC : buzz-track for track locating.
(directly recorded on b&w stock)

If you have difficulties to directly get these films from CST
you could call Carole at Aaton for help (+33 4 7642 9554).

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