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Re: sony telecine request

bill topazio wrote:

> We got a pretyt good look at it; here are some impressions:
> .  Sprockets are quite a bit smaller
> than the perf, so very little stress is put on the perf; the idea is to
> get the frame in the gate, the positional corrections are handled by
> electronics.

Bill, I don't know what you think, but I was a little concerned about the
stability if you were going to use original camera negative which was edge
guided in the first place.  Did I miss something here???

> 4. Uses 1920x1080 field array 3-chip "camera" head for imaging.  I gotta

Potentialy no noise from what I understand, and using the zoom lens means no
artifacts from anywhere.  Couldn't actually see that when I was there as the
machine had just been brought back on line.

> Oh by the way, a DUI was controlling it, I think (I got so involved in the
> machine I forgot to look).

Yes there was a DUI on it, but the interface wasn't quite there yet.  I guess
that's the easy bit.

The only other thing to add was something mentioned on the anon page about Sony
actually talking to people.

OH, yes, did you like the presentation.....  It was a little like telecine

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