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Re: an animus

On Apr 10, 20:32, Tim Bond wrote:
} Subject: Re: an animus

> value of one of the most attractive aspects of online discussion - that is, the
> richness of ideas that can occur in a discussion where the participants can
> discuss topics free from the "yoke" of identity.

we'll see how it goes.  I do think anonymity can have its place, but
how many written works-- books, essays, articles, letters-- are
written anonymously?  Perhaps the odd letter or salacious book, but I
for one take them less seriously than those that are signed.

> I can't help but wonder "what if"
> identity were optional with the benefit of your responsible moderation when
> appropriate?

let's see.

The TIG now has the benefit of a T1 connection to the net.

The archives for April broke on the 1st-- a mysterious difficulty with
the field delimiter in a script-- hope to have them fixed tonight or
tomorrow.  (I wrote the script myself, so April 1 shouldn't have been
a factor :])


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