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daVinci School, the 2K, etc.

Just got back from two weeks at the daVinci facility in Ft. Lauderdale.  The
colorist classes were taught by Kevin Shaw and the engineering course by
Craig Fearing.  The experience was wonderful.  Kevin is incredibly
knoweldgeable and is a great teacher.  Craig knows the box like very few do,
his class was great.

For those who do not have EdWin yet, I have to tell you... it's going to be
a great tool.  EdWin doesn't just add "fancy power windows" it also changes
the way Power Windows and keys can be used, providing much extended
capabilities.  The product is evolving and great functionality can be added
with time.

Of course, the greatest news was the announcement of the "2K" color
corrector product.  I heard the presentation four times, once during each
class.  Each time we'd get a slightly different angle on what the box is
about.  This is daVinci's next generation product and it will open all sorts
of new business segments not traditionally associated with television post
production.  The box can do 2K res in real time and will go up to 5K by 3K
or so.  I can see a lot of these boxes find their way into Spirit rooms.

I'd like to thank the following people at daVinci for a great experience:
Kevin Shaw, Craig Fearing, Gary Adams, Jose Marmol, Rose Tedesco, Jennifer
Berrens, Omar Tucker, Coleen, Mark Thompson, Henry Gu, David Catt, Michael
Arbuthnot, and everyone else involved.


Standard disclaimer applies:  I don't work for daVinci, etc, etc, etc,...