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Transfomania I

First, I would like to thank Dave Satin and Alan Rosenfeld for their
hospitality. This was a great learning experience. The amount of talent
present at SMA, was like being in the Baseball Hall of Fame, with all the
plaques on the wall coming to life.
Colorists Eli Friedman(Group 1) and Billy Gabor(Group 2) did a tremendous
job. It's not an easy thing making colors for a group of colorists and
telecine engineers. But we made them comfortable by acting like clients. <g>
I was in Group 1. We ran some pretty good 35mm. But frankly, for the price
that these telecines are going for, I expected to be "floored" by the
pictures. I was not. Maybe I expected too much, considering all the
"hoopla" being thrown on the TIG.
I sat where the clients would sit, in both rooms. The URSA noise was
evident to me more when it was split-screened in the Spirit room. The
contrast appeared better on the URSA. Eli was able to get a real good
correction  off his base mem in about 15 seconds, in both rooms. When it
came to matching the URSA x-fer in the Spirit room, it took a little
longer, which is understandable.
Both of these telecines are excellent machines. When you have a choice,
there will be "camps" for and against. There will be the client and
colorist preferences (duh, no kidding). I felt that Eli and Billy like
working in the Spirit room alot. I believe each has it's place and that
each does a better job on some elements than the other. Name your poison.
Again, thank you very much Dave and Al, for a great afternoon and evening.
You made us all feel right at home. You have a terrific facility!!! Great
views of the skyline, too!!

Bruce W. Goldstein
Sr. Colorist