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RE>C-Reality at Rushes

Paul Grace <paulg at rushes.co.uk>
>>                      RE>C-Reality at Rushes                       26/3/98
>>Ok short update,
>>I'm building what I hope to be Europes finest Telecine suite

Mr. Grace,
I recognize your quest to build such a suite and applaud it, unlike some
others on the TIG.  However, I think that you might be missing an important
element in the realization of your objective and, with your permission,
proffer a suggestion.
Mr. Grace, every successful Team needs a strong, determined, unswayable
General Manager so that the Team can BOND.  Luckily for you, that man is
right here in Los Angeles. He is the type of leader who can "lace 'em up and
get the job done" so that your facility can, basically, uh, OUT-BOND the
competition!  He is a man who can cross-collateral ALL phases of the
Entertainment/Interactive/C-Reality Paradigm without even breaking a sweat.
The man?  FRED CLAIRE, one of the top General Managers in the E/T/C-R P. on
this planet.  You can reach him at:  blatantfool at ladodgers.com and I hope
and pray that he will be the final link in that big chain you're trying to
Steve McMahon
baadmoon at flash.net
"Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side?  And hain't that a big
enough majority in any town?..." --Mark Twain