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c reality

>Couldn't help but notice that your stealth sales plugs managed to fly in
>under Rob's Defence-Early-Warning advertising radar, in true RAF
>"Dambusters" tradition.

As one who reads but seldom comments to the list,  publically anyway,
and is really getting tired of reading spirit rah-rah's from
colorists, but few respected engineers,

 I say to Mike and Paul:
hear hear!  I wait with excitement to see what the telecine of the future 
will be like.  Because Spirit ain't it

 my reasoning behind my statement...

how does it make sense to use devices which have built in limitations, 
bit structure that is not full bandwidth?  We all know that Spirit is not 
really 2k x2k, and based on technology available at this time, is not 
expandable.   Why have a room that sits idle when scanning is not 
c-reality bandwidth is true 2k x2k, and there is headroom.
and IF IT REALLY CAN do 525/625 work as well, it becomes the machine of 
choice for a facility that want the most bang for the buck.  

D. Chapman

Santa's elves are just a bunch of subordinate Clauses.