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RE>c reality

>As one who reads but seldom comments to the list,  publically anyway,
>and is really getting tired of reading spirit rah-rah's from
>colorists, but few respected engineers,


Perhaps you should consult the TIG archives to find that more than just a
few "respected" engineers have offered favorable reports regarding the =
to the group.  More colorists than engineers have spoken lately,
but I don't think it will be hard to find favorable opinions expressed by =
"respected technical" voices posted within the last few months.

> I say to Mike and Paul:
>hear hear!  I wait with excitement to see what the telecine of the future =
>will be like.  Because Spirit ain't it

> my reasoning behind my statement...

>how does it make sense to use devices which have built in limitations, =

It would seem to me that each proposed device of the telecine future
has a limitation.  Some would argue that a CRT is not the scanning =
to take us into the new millennium.

Perhaps we should all see a functioning C-Reality delivering the promised
features.    Maybe we will all be chanting loud C-Reality "Rah Rah's".
People get excited about new technology they think is great.  Just like =
owners of Spirits have.  Engineers included.


Lynette Duensing
Telecine Colorist
The Filmworkers Club/Chicago

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