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RE: RE>c reality

What's all the fuss.  We're all lined up on opposite sides of the hill
like the blue and gray coats of the Civil War.  The simple fact is that
Philips has managed to create a breakthrough telecine that reaps the
value of the years of feedback they received on their FDL series.  In
commercial terms it's a success.  The zealous support that it receives
from its user base is evidence enough that it has a lot to offer.
Hopefully the C Reality will win zealous support as well.  Cintel will
make a winner of it.  They always do.  Why not lay our guns down until
after NAB whereupon the sides can again be drawn based not so much on
whether one like tubes or CCDs but whether the actual experience of C
Reality is as fondly endorsed by its user group as is the Spirit.

The proof is in the pudding.

That's engineering talk, by the way.

Larry Chernoff

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	Go get 'em Lynette!

	The Spirit is a **T*E*R*R*I*F*F*I*C** Telecine.

	I have been using Spirit #104 for about 18 Months now, and it is
	precise, reliable, stable, utterly predictable machine. 

	What do I mean by predictable? I mean that I can predict with
	accuracy exactly how delighted both the colorists and the
clients are 
	with the quality of the pictures and the speed at which they are


	Stable? We can recover any session in the archive and repeat
	what was done before. Without ANY trims. Ever.  

	Precise? If you ever work with Blue or Green screen material,
	will be amazed at the flawless color separation when it REALLY 

	Reliable? 18 months, 3 Xenon light bulbs, 2 sets of PTRs, 4
hours of 
	down time!

	I would LOVE to see a transfer system that is as good or better.

	I'm just not sure who will be able to build one.

	By the way, I am an un-respected engineer.
	And proud Spirit owner.

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