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Us vs. Them

     Hello folks,

     Just dropping in to say I hope we can all get along!  I mean, Donna's
C-Reality post ("Spirit ain't it!") was a call to flamebait.  We have to get
beyond telecine antagonism and recognize that every push of the envelope is
a good thing for everyone (with notable exceptions, including but not
limited to germ warfare technologies).  We should all be grateful that we
have manufacturers continuing to stretch the limits of what we can do in the
      Sure, I'm a happy camper and have mentioned on this forum how happy I
am with my current equipment.  I've even been guilty of saying some
less-than-well-thought-out things about the alternate technology.  But I've
never dismissed any technology out of hand, and I think we ought to refrain
from taunts and chest-beating on this esteemed forum.
     As others here have mentioned, after NAB and down the road apace we can
all get some real feedback on the expected breakthroughs coming from Cintel.
Once C-Reality is on the marketplace and running in facilities, we should be
able to quantify the true differences and advantages of each technology,
hopefully in a respectful and thoughtful manner.
      Now you kids put away your swords and come in and wash your faces.
Dinner's almost ready!

"Pops" Lovejoy