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Re: Us vs. Them

Granted I work in the lowly world of series television, and not in the more
pricey world of commercials, but am I the only one here who feels that the
entire Spirit/C Reality debate is way off the mark in terms of what the
future will bring? New technology is nice, but television is a "good enough"
world, in which quality is not as saleable as quantity and price. I'm far
more interested in what we will see in terms of imaging capability of
machines such as upgraded Mk. III's and Ursas, as well as the Sony machine,
for bread-and-butter television series use. Film scanners are not necessary
for series television. HiDef telecines are. I would be far more excited by a
working, 24 FPS based system for daily transfer that provides for real
advances in terms of better and more accurate film tracking, lower
compression ratios (we WILL be recording in compressed formats, folks), and
simpler synching. Isn't there at least one Japanese company who has promised
this? Doesn't anyone else here find any of this relevant? And, while we're
at it, shouldn't the broadcast formats be independent of the
production/interchange formats? In other words, it shouldn't matter whether
CBS sets its MPEG encoder to 1080i and ABC sets its encoder to 720P. What
should matter is that we have an agreed upon post production/delivery format
so that the 2 remaining manufacturers can sell recorders based on features
and reliability rather than compete in basic formats.

Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.