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Re: Us vs. Them

>I may be misunderstanding your question here, but that's how I saw it.

You are completely missing my point.

Spirit and C-Reality are very expensive technology. They are not affordable
in any quantity in the television marketplace where established rates for
daily telecine (the only telecine performed) are around $300/hr. What I was
proposing is that Mk. III and Ursa upgrades will be far more affordable,
probably on the order of 1/3 the price of either of the aforementioned
machines. Spirit and C-Reality were designed to usher in a new era of
"telecine scanning," in which the resulting electronic frames are inherently
resolution independent due to their overscanning nature. This is not what we
need for hi def television, rather, they're overkill. What we need is simply
an affordable machine that does high quality hi def pictures, at the
resolution needed for that format. Sony understands this, although their
initial attempt may be a bit misguided. Dave Walker understands this, and
apparently so does Options and Cintel, according to the latest Options
newsletter. The reason I was bringing up the 24 FPS issue is that it is far
more significant and useful to future post production that sharper pictures.
In the world of commercials, this is not particularly important. In the
world of series television, where tracking all this stuff is a major issue,
and the ability to make last minute changes is necessary, accuracy of tape
dailies to film original via elimination of 3:2 pulldown would be a major
gain. Not to mention its compatibility with the progressive scanning HD
formats being proffered by Fox and ABC.

Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.