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film emulsion

We have come along on a piece of archival film which has given us some
problems.  Trouble is, it's very valuable to us, so we were hoping
someone may have a clue as to how to salvage it.

It would seem that as we unroll the film, layers of emulsion stick to
the film under it.  So not only are we losing emulsion layers in one
section, we are also adding useless layers onto another.

I've heard of a process for saving 1/4" tape that breaks down over time
by baking it in an oven.  I'm not suggesting that we bake the film, but
I am hoping someone may know of a bath, or process that we might try to
save the emulsion on the film.  If we cannot do this process ourselves,
but have to send it out of house to have it done, we would be interested
in any contact information to that end as well (please post this
information direct to our address, and not 'advertise' it here

Thanks in advance for any information.

Anne Masucci
Wingspan Network